Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAY 10, 2010

I just have to tell you my story on the elections.

To be honest, I was quite nervous with the new system. The way "cheating" happens in this country, it's really insane. But now, I think candidates who lost can't say that they were cheated anymore. I think we've made a huge leap. It's a good first for the Philippines!

Anyway, last Sunday, May 9 we went ahead to Tarlac for mass officiated by Bishop Soc Villegas. He said a very moving homily. He said that the Presidency is given by the people together with God's grace. When Bishop Soc gives a homily, you can't help but feel the sincerity from his words. It's just so soothing... After that, I was less nervous.

After mass we had a dinner and reporters joined in. Ces Drilon and Sandra Aguinaldo covered for their respective stations and this whole election coverage is executed so well! Grabe! Technology these days are just so cool! Ces Drilon showed me her Flip camera. It's a really small camera that shoots in HD and it even has a USB port that pops out!

When Tito Noy was being interviewed, I said to myself that before casting the vote, this would be one of the last times I'd get to hang out with him. If he wins, he'll just be so busy!

That night, I went to bed early and said my prayer.

I woke up before the alarm. It was probably the excitement. We headed to my Lola's house where Tito Noy was staying and finally had the Tarlac breakfast!!! It was sinangag, longganisa, fried egg, and of course may kasamang bacon. (1 strip lang though)

From then, we headed to the precinct only to find out that the PCOS wasn't working. We fell in line just as the rest of the people would fall in line. We were in for a long day...

4 and 1/2 hours in line to be exact.

The heat is no joke whatsoever. I was telling myself that vigilance was important. I had to go through that to cast my vote! That's why I really admire the nation for braving the heat!

While in line, they said that you had to fill the ovals or "bilogs na hugis itlog" lightly so that hindi bumakat sa kabila... So that's why it was taking long. People were just being careful I believe.

Nearing the entrance, I was really getting excited but this sense of being careful was sinking in. I didn't want to have a smudged ballot!

I registered when I entered and casted my vote. However, all the camera flashes were distracting. I was sitting next to Tito Noy. Haha. But it's all good. Even if our PCOS wasn't working, I think COMELEC did an excellent job with the automation.

After voting, we headed straight home.

To all those who braved the heat, fell in line, and didn't give up. I salute your vigilance!!!

Anyway, I'm posting some pictures below. Just wanna share it with you guys :)

Sama-sama sa hirap at ginhawa sa ilalim ng araw

Yep... It was pretty crowded

The Happy Photographers


365yellowdays said...

Hi Jiggy, congratulations on your Tito Noy's victory. I am a solid yellow army and I am proud to say that! Actually, that's congratulations for the whole country. Peaceful, honest and less violent automated elections. A bigger challenge awaits your family now.

Gian Carlo said...

Congratulations on your uncle's victory, his destiny has been fulfilled.

Thessa said...

Congratulations to your tito Noy! i know that its too soon, but your Tito is number one in different parts of the country tlga! especially in TARLAC! your lolo and lola must be so proud!! God bless!

Don Zandro said...

Hi Jiggy! There is another advice page on Facebook that could interest your uncle, President-apparent Noynoy: It's called NOYNOY'S CABINET: Making the Shortlist for the Next Set of Cabinet Officials. It is a campaign by ordinary Filipinos that consolidates various suggestions to help Noynoy choose the right officials for his Cabinet! Visit their site: http://www.facebook.com/NoynoyCabinet (Don Rapadas)

Metatron said...

Actually when I heard about that news nagkaroon ako ng magandang kutob. I mean parang there will be something na magandang mangyayari. Hindi kaya meaning nun si Noynoy na ang leader? And yeah! yun nga ang nangyari that he is leading. So it made me think that this is a sign maybe binigyan lang siya ng test on how to be patient and yet he passed it.

Don Zandro said...

Hi Jiggy! thank you for always accommodating my comments here. I was inspired so much by your posts on keeping friends. I have a few real friends, and I treasure them, we've been loyal to each other for more than half of our lives now. By the way, The Noynoy's Cabinet FB Page has already issued its Consolidation Report, and is now posted on Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/31781004/Noynoy-s-Cabinet-FB-Page-Consolidation. You may now download this document and kindly please share it with Noy. Thank you for being such a nice person. God bless!

t e i n said...

..haha, it's been a while. :D Kahit matagal na 'tong article na ito, still i want to comment.
..YEAH!!! it was my first time to vote that time and it did, took me so long. But honestly, i had a great experience, SWEARRR.
..I saw different kinds of people, there were mga nag-aaway AS IN sigawan and stuffs. There, i saw lahat, matatanda, bata, mayaman.. meron iba sumuko dahil sa bagal ng proseso but still, there were a lot na talgang DESPITE ALL? hindi sumuko. (Like me? :D)
..But you know what made that day so so so special to me? Kasi that day of my first time to vote, something has awakened in me. Seeing that kind of situation na magulo etc, it showed me for the first time the true condition of our country. At the same time, made me felt a burning eagerness TO DO SOMETHING and not just TO DO NOTHING. I felt my worth as a Filipino that i am responsible for my fellowmen and to my country. Lam mo yun? na when you see those kind of scenes, hindi mo talgang magagawa na tumulala lang. Feeling ko nun, kilala ko lahat ng mga tao and we are all related to one another na, hindi pwedeng pabayaan ko silang nahihiraparn, sort of like that. EWAN, iba un feeling ko that time. :D
..kea, my first time to vote was really special for me, i know my single vote has contributed to the country and so as what the others did. After voting, feeling ko i was a totally different person :D
..Thanks for reading my comment po, GB kuya Jiggy.