Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesdays #9

I was thinking about a topic to put tonight and I just got it from my girlfriend. She was telling me that it's sad seeing the comment that I was burning out.

The past few months have been very very very difficult for me at work. I'll be honest with you. There are days wherein I'm just really REALLY tired from the day. The stress levels can go high at times. But please don't get me wrong. That's how the corporate life is. I love my company and I love my team. That's life. "Walang paghihirap ang hindi natatapos". Eventually, everything will turn out fine.

Some signs that I'm loaded with work.

1. I haven't visited a comic book shop in a month
2. I haven't read any comics in weeks
3. I haven't seen a movie in 3 weeks
4. I skip lunch
5. I go home late and miss dinner

It's not nice I know. But that's the corporate life sometimes. I think my luck will change pretty soon. I'm praying hard...

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t e i n said...

..hm, i think a corporate life is very challenging, and that is soooo exciting haha :D. God bless Kuya Justin (wew!! i hope it's ok to call you po that way, hehe) :D and more powers.