Monday, April 19, 2010


I can't believe it's been a year already since the last Summer Komikon. It's insane! Time flies by just like that. It's always fun to attend these cons because you get to see work from local creators. You have to give respect to these men and women because here they are doing what they love.

People who say that Pinoy Komiks are gone and dead can go fly a kite! Pinoy Komiks are alive and kickin'! I love them because there's so much love and passion involved. Here you have people shelling out their hard earned money and photocopying their work and turning them into comic books!

The one I had to get was "Umlauts and Atom Bombs" by THE Gerry Alanguilan. I've said it before, if there's someone in the Philippines who epitomizes Komiks, it's him, Mr. Komikero himself. I loved the Mitch and Mischa story because it was very well written and drawn with a lot of heart. It just fit perfectly with the story. The dialogue was fantastic! It was actually I thought about from 2004-2007. You see Mitch and Mischa were talking about the next Star Trek film. Mitch wanted to live and see the next movie. As for me, I was afraid of the end of the world and I wouldn't be able to see Spider-Man 3!!! (But we all know how much of a disappointment Spidey 3 was right?) At least I got to see Iron Man and The Dark Knight!

Other than that, I got "Laban: A love story". I finally met the creator of the book, Jose Gamboa. I think he did a great job with the book. I told them that there were very minor corrections but it's all good. It was still an awesome comic book! Plus I really appreciated him doing it. My grandparents finally have a love story in comic book form! (Picture of me and Mr. Gamboa below)

The biggest surprise for me this Komikon was PUNNX! There are 2 issues and they are frikkin hilarious! JP Cuison and Dennis Nierra are the guys who are doing the funny comics. Now it's for mature readers but I tell you, the Pinoy comedy is there and I loved it! Mighty T is probably the funniest! Guys, pick up Punnx because this stuff is gold! You can see them at

I also got "Riddle of Nowhere" from my friend Apol Sta. Maria. He was the guy who did "Ang alamat ng Panget". It's not a comic book, it's actually a book of riddles. He was the one who did the art and seeing his work in colored form is pretty amazing!

I'm just sad that I wasn't able to see my friends who are usually at the cons. Harvey, Carlo, and Jason weren't there plus what made me more sad was that I missed Yvette Tan's work!!! Grrr!!! But I was happy to have finally met Mr. Jonas Diego. He was the guy who did the NOYNOY webcomic :)

KOMIKON brings a lot of new talent each and every year. It's 100% Pinoy and I'm proud to have been attending these events. I have a deadline actually... Next year, I'll be releasing my comic :)

Now after this, I can only think of setting up like a comic book society here in Metro Manila. Probably like a once a month thing. Just discussing comics! Anyone up for it? Let me know!

Anyway, see ya in the funnybooks! :D



Hey Jiggy!

My friend Teddy and I were there last Saturday and we were promoting our webcomic -Work in Progress or WIP. You can check it out HERE. Anyhoo I just wanted to plug that to you and hope to meet you in person at the next con!


Jonas Diego said...

It was great meeting you too. :)

jeankaycee said...

hi jiggy!

i dont get to read komiks for a long time na. (OFW po, at usually wala pong outlet/bookshops dito ng mga books/comics/novels na galing pinas)

and there many who pinoys are really artistic and have the gift of storytelling thru drawings.

its good to know that there still many people who support this kind of art in our country. more support should be given so more aspiring artist will be given a chance.

luiboi said...

hi jiggy!im up for it!where do i sign up? :)

Lhai Cruz said...

Jiggy, I just bought Laban: A love story. And it's uber cool. May I know kung saang part yung may minor correction. Thanks a lot!

t e i n said...

..wew!! awesome :D Hope to catch a copy of your upcoming comic next year. Hm, i don't read much comics coz i don't know how and where to start? Can you suggest?? Haha, i think it's pretty much interesting. God Bless Kuya Jiggy. :D

woahthatsdeep said...

The fact that you are both a comic book lover AND a direct relation of the subjects of my comic makes your words of encouragement mean so much more to me than you realize.

Looking forward to seeing your comic at the next komikon! I plan to release my next comic by September (Way to pour on the pressure eh? But as they say, you gotta declare it to make it!) -Jose Gamboa