Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesdays #11

I was all set to blog about the NBA Playoffs but I was watching the news and couldn't help but talk about this whole Ampatuan thing. You see, the guy who's supposedly responsible for the Maguindanao massacre is endorsing my Tito Noy?

WOW. (Please note sarcasm) REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

No thanks!

Gee... I wonder why he suddenly decided to endorse Tito Noy?

Backtrack a few days and you have in the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer a picture of Ampatuan wearing ballers of Mr. Sipag and Tiyaga and Mr. Hakbang sa Kinabukasan.

That picture must have hit them bad...

You know what's funny? The lawyer of Ampatuan is married to the sister of Mr. Hakbang sa Kinabukasan... Mr. Gilbert Remulla who's in Manny Villar's Senate Slate.

Man. Politics can go like this huh? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Well, I'm sorry but people aren't that stupid!

I'm expecting a lot of more BS in the days to come. It's imminent.

But I believe that good will prevail come May 10. :)



Thessa said...

MSA2BI KO! I hate the Ampatuans! tlgang they'll do everything to stay in power. I really hope that Ur tito Noy wins! ;)

Gian Carlo said...

I'm completely appalled by that diabolical display of deception by Andal Ampatuan, Jr. , when he was making the laban sign I couldn't help but think of the devil committing blasphemy, but I think (and most people do) that Andal and his family, as evil as they are, are but the extended horns of an even greater evil in Philippine politics who we know very well....

Therese said...

I know.I mean the guy's totally insane.

t e i n said...

..haha!! my family were laughing about that news. :D It only shows how desperate "these people" who are trying to put your tito Noy down even before the election, duh? it's very obvious? they're just making stories?? HMMM!!
..still, i know everyone's pretty much aware of what is the real "truth" with what's happening around us. So always keep the spirit Kuya!! laban tayo.. LABAN!! :D

Lhai Cruz said...

Let us be cool about this. Obvious na obvious na political ploy ito. Kung ako nga naman yung kalaban ni Noynoy sasabihan ko talaga si andal ng-- "if you want me to win--endorse my closest rival."
Kiss of death ang pag endorse ni Andal Jr. Wala namang matinong maniniwala jan. Hindi kapanipaniwala.