Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To the one reading and following this blog

Dear Reader,

Let me thank you for reading this. Never in a million years did I think I'd get a following in the Tangled Web. Sure I don't get 50,000 hits a day but you still read this and it means a lot! Especially to the ones who comment. I appreciate it! I feel the interaction and it's amazing!

I never thought I'd be inspirational/influential. I don't deserve it. I don't see myself coming across to you as someone interesting really. I'm just an average joe.

But the comments really mean a lot to me. At least I'm making sense in a way. Well, you confirm to what I say right?

I admit, my blog has gotten boring the past few months. I know. I've been really stressed. But all in due time, I'll be back as the guy who blogs about anything under the sun.

I'm thinking of doing interviews for this blog. Any suggestions? :)

Anyway, you can tweet me anytime @jiggycruz on Twitter. I'll do my best to reply.

Again, thanks for reading this! If you see me around, do say hi :) Just say you followed The Tangled Web :)



Sammy said...

Mr. Jiggy, thank you for making time to blog. It really means a lot to me, since I read almost every entry you write and it lightens up my day. You really are an interesting person. I wish you luck in your stressful life; and God bless you and your family. :D

detsmiles said...

Hi Jiggy! I think you're really doing well in blogging..nabasa ko na rin lahat ng blog entries and naenjoy ko naman =)

detsmiles said...

Hi Jiggy! you're doing well..i even like your way of writing..=)

none said...

hi jiggy...i always read your blog. keep blogging...you inspire people like me. ingatz lagi and btw, we will be voting for your tito noy. dami kami dito sa gensan na supporters niya. God bless.

Elsie Anne said...

It's nice of you to write an entry for us, your followers. I do hope you'll be stress-free in the days to come.
I like to hear what your "team" has to say about you as Jiggy, the very very very busy corporate guy. I like to see that in one of your blogs.
Thank you. I enjoy reading The Tangled Web. Wish to see you here in Iloilo.
God bless!

innow said...

Good job jiggs. You know what, the reason why I started my own blog was because your blog caught my interest. then i decided that i might as well try blogging casual stuffs that's happening to me. thanks alot jiggy! hope to read more bout your posts :)

luiboi said...


no need to thank us.its a pleasure reading your blog.to tell you the truth i follow your blog because i can relate to your experiences,aside from being a comic book geek (which im also proud of),to the struggles that we have at work (just finished reading your previous post.hehe).i think these are themes that most people our age or anybody (i think we're right about the same age,im 25) can relate to.

even if you're just an average joe as you say but i think your more than that.you serve as an inspiration to many because you're just like one of us,an average joe that shares the same joy and struggles that we do.

hope we get to meet in one of the comic book events and hang out for a while and may be talk about what else? comics! haha!

god bless!


Hazel said...

The interview is interesting! Maybe you can set up another day of the week like your blog tuesdays.. maybe you can do interview fridays.. hehe.. We can post questions during fridays then you can answer.. Your blog is nice and down to earth.. =)

iam_annecy said...

hi jiggy...
it's nice and i enjoy reading your blog. and thanks din for replying sa Q&A's mo!
well, maybe after this election, EVERYBODY deserves a much needed (including us, Noynoy volunteers)...hehehe
and, nice to talk to sa campaign ad shoot in Makati! nice guy ha! =)

t e i n said...

..i don't think that your blog entries were boring this past days, it's always interesting and worth inspiring :D
..the interview idea is really nice, hm, and i have a suggestion.. i wonder if you mind knowing about your followers too? wala lang, i thought of what if you ask some stuff that you want to know about some of your followers,haha ;D just a wild idea. But whatever you decide, surely, everyone will participate naman po. :D
..thanks sorr much po for still having time to blog eventhough you have a very heavy schedule everyday. I pray that you'll still continue doing so, because it inspires me sorrrr much Kuya Jiggy.
..God bless always and take care po. :D

Victoria Melissa said...

Hi Jiggy,

I am following your blog... in love na nga yata ako sa blog mo...hehe, joke lang! I just want you to know that we are supporting your Tito Noy... I am working for the noynoy HQ here in CDO, i finally met him in person last wednesday, i got the chance to host the event. I hope to see you also here in CDO. Godbless

mayah said...

hi jiggy i also follow you on twitter. and i hope we get to meet one another and hang-out for a while.. haha

ingatzz po always..


mayah said...

hi kuya jiggy..i also follow you on twitter... haha

and i hope someday ma-meet din kita. alam ko naman na masyado ka pong busy.. haha

at saka sana one time makapagbonding nman po tayo kahit saglit lang. kahit spare lang po sa time.. mo.

yun lng naman po ay isang hiling..
cge po ingat kna lng po lagi..

kasi isa kang inspirasyon sa mga kabataan..