Monday, February 15, 2010

What? It's just Monday?

My brother had this shirt that said "Bad case of the Mondays" and I thought it was funny everytime he wore it on Mondays.

Who loves Mondays? Back in College, I loved Mondays. I loved being in school and being with friends. Now, weekends are just too short. My analysis is that because you sleep in til 11am or 12nn and basically, half of the day is gone. It's like you just a day off.

I guess it's because you wake up earlier when working plus you fight traffic longer. EDSA is just insane when you leave the house late. Oh, I almost forgot, Sunday nights are the hardest nights to sleep. You can't sleep on a Sunday night. Why? Because you think of the work you have to do the next day.

Anyway, I've been tired this February and I can't wait for it to end... Oh well. Hope the week's good.


charliehotelalpha said...

Agree! Sunday nights suck! Excited (or anxious???) to go to work on a Monday. Takot pa akong ma-late. Whahhhh!!!

t e i n said...

..well, i hate Mondays too. It always reminds me of the start of the class and the endless exams and take home assignments to come, GRRRRRR!!!
..but i love Hey Monday (the band?) wah, Corni, hahahahahaha :D
Kidding, just wanna make you laugh.
..God Bless po Kuya :D

janneilsabillo said...

yeah i'm not fond of Monday..because it will always reminds me of the start of stressful days and always looking forward for the sunday because i'm going to school 6 days a week..grabe no day for myself sometimes even sunday was also for school stuff...i want to have a break naman even sometimes the only thing i like is that i'm still a student doing nothing but just to study hard

janneilsabillo said...'re right mondays are the so cruel for so many..mondays are always reminding me of tiry days and i will always look forward for the next sunday because im going to school 6 days a week..i want to have some break from my student life!!!