Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miss You Like Crazy

Saw Miss You Like Crazy last night.

It was good. I liked it. I think that Bea and John Lloyd tandem really works. If you saw the trailer, you must know the story already right?

But if you haven't seen it yet, I might have some spoilers up ahead.

The part that was just weird for me was when Allan was already falling in love with Mia. Allan had a girlfriend and he falls in love with the girl after a day. I couldn't get that kilig factor. The guy was cheating so obviously, you really couldn't feel the love.

Noel Trinidad's character of Lolo Uly gave the ending away. You knew that Bea and John Lloyd would end up together with his prediction. That's how Pinoy movies are anyway. It can't end sad because it won't be accepted by majority of the audience. I remember this particular Angel-Richard movie where the ending had to be changed since it had to be happy. (The real story was a tragedy)

Anyway, John Lloyd is an effective actor. I can feel the sadness when he cries. In Close to you, I felt the sadness when Bea said that she and Sam Milby's character were together. "Palits, kami na". John Lloyd pretending to be asleep drops a tear... OUCH!!!

I do enjoy the product insertions in the film. Greenwich was there again. But I didn't see Biogesic... Hmmm...

Miss You Like Crazy is a good movie after the long wait. It's been 3 years since Bea and John Lloyd were together in a movie. Love can wait. The movie says that.

As for me, I think it really can wait. A 21 year old love story? Possible! :)


dojski said...

Haba ng pila noh? :) Yeah, it was good. And yes, it might not be that plausible to fall that fast. Yung isa pang questionable part ng movie was where were the stones coming from. Hehe.

gracey said...

Yeah, I think that Bea and John Lloyd's love team really works. :)

Great movie. :)

Elsie Anne said...

i seldom watch tagalog movies but my friends were flooding the facebook news feed talking about the movie. So i told myelf, i have to see this one. the movie waS good just like any JL-Bea movie from the past but my heart goes out to Amir, he was such a gentleman and courageous enough when he said, "thank you for pretending im your happiness"..

ayann said...

Im just about to watch it here In SD, just opened yesterday at horton Plaza! :)

t e i n said...

..this sounds so late reaction., i am a fan of the tandem of JL and Bea. They are indeed good actors talaga :D first, sa miss you like crazy movie, i didn't like it kasi nga its so wrong that JL is cheating on her girl, huhu :c but, in the end its still a nice ending and a storyline as well. the movie close to you, yah!!! that scene was so touching, when JL was pretending to sleep. That's a touching love story too.
..but my favorite was one more chance talaga, kc, the lines were so nakaka-move. Hm, though the ending was really a mess, still, the whole story, i did liked it so much.
..John Llohy and Bea are both good actors talaga, wohooo!!!
..just sharing, thanks for reading po :D