Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesdays #1

I used to have a "Tuesdays with Jiggy" habit back in college. I did it for an entire year. But I will plainly call it Tuesdays because I really don't want it to be similar to Morrie.

Anyway, today officially starts the campaign period. It's for 90 days... A long and grueling 90 days... It's a long road and whoever said it was going to be easy?

Last night, we had a small celebration for Tito Noy's birthday. It was just the immediate family and his close friends. After dinner, one of his friends wanted a sharing session for him. It was a round of "I thank you for, I appreciate you for, and my wish for you is..."

What did I say? I thanked Tito Noy for always checking up on his pamangkins whenever the parents are out of town. I thanked him for being that responsible uncle.  I appreciated him for always sharing his barbecue potato chips to whoever wanted to get. I wished that he'd get reasonable sleep during the campaign.

One said that his wish was for this particular bid to end with Tito Noy. He said that my family has gone through enough already with Lolo and Lola. He wished that we could finally live normally after all this. I hope so... I really hope so.

Anyway, I'd like to share with you my thoughts on my Tito Noy's bid. What we're presenting are not false hopes or promises. We are not presenting a make-believe world that can be achieved just like that. It is not temporary joy or happiness. That's totally different.

One man cannot solve everything. Hindi pwede yung "I will take care of you and bring you out of your misery." Look, this is not about one man doing it alone. This is about the people working together with a leader who can bring back trust in the government. We need to have some trust back in our leaders. After all, the leaders are the ones who should serve. But hey, in the words of JFK, ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country! I've stressed it again and again, WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! We have to work towards a better future.

To the youth of today, think about it hard... As cliche as it may sound, it's true... Our future is at stake.

To the undecided voter, think about it. Do you want to pay your taxes to a corrupt official? I know I wouldn't. I pray that you make the decision that was well thought.

Tuesday again next week, I'll put down my thoughts :)


Anonymous said...

..haha, Tuesdays with Jiggy, nice one :D
..hm, it's good to hear your thoughts po, you really give us (your followers) inspiring words and ideas po. I'll always be praying for your Tito Noy's progress as well for his team and the country.
..till next Tuesday kuya? haha.
Btw, i love that book of Mitch Albom, actually, all of his pokc he's my fav.
God bless po :D

Helvie said...

Hi Jiggy..
I will vote for Sen.Noy.I believe na Hindi Siya Magnanakaw..Me and My friends are willing to help him..
i'm from Iloilo City.Gusto naming tumulong sa pangangampanya, pero Paano ba?

mojacko said...

Why will I vote for Noynoy? Every time I wear that yellow pin, I am more patient, more understanding of my fellow countrymen. It’s like his I am more conscious that I should be a law-abiding citizen. Hindi nga ako bumibili ng pirated DVDs pag naka-yellow ako.
Because of all the candidates, he’s the one I sincerely believe will be upright, decent,honest. In tagalog, matino. And that’s what we need. I believe Pinoys would follow the rules if the president also respected the law. Ngayon kasi panay pangga-gago e kaya kanya-kanya mga tao. So why Noynoy? Noynoy inspires me to be a better Filipino.