Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

A message from your friendly-neighborhood, uh... Nope. Just a friendly message to all the guys out there going out on their first dates. :)

Sure it maybe sensationalized and all that. But I have come to realize that many girls take this day very seriously.

So to all the guys, do something special, be on time, smell extra nice, cut your nails, eat mints, give flowers, and chocolate. :)

After that, a soft peck on the cheek. OK NA YUN! GO GO GO!


johnonline said...

i'll be dozing off on feb.14 unless we celebrate the chinese nwe year like last year...

what's with valentines? bitter me!

Pranses said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Jiggy!
Happy Birthday to your Tita Kris. :)

t e i n said...

..wii, belated hapii hearts day po, wooohooooh!! :D
..and happy birthday to miss Kris, wew! naiyak aq sa The Buzz when her sisters sang a song for her, very touching huhu. God Bless.

littleblackdress01 said...

do you want to kwento with us if you had a valentine's day date?:)