Sunday, February 28, 2010



Face your worst fear as they say. Summit Media comes up with this Graphic Anthology called Underpass and collects 4 original stories from today's great minds like Gerry Alanguilan and Budjette Tan. (It's Summit's take on putting komiks mainstream)

For some strange reason, we like being scared. We Filipinos have this thing for the mythological/paranormal creatures and these 4 short stories will give you that. I think that Budjette Tan is probably the best person to talk to when discussing Aswang, Duwendes, Kapres, Tiyanaks and Manananggal. The writer's brilliant when it comes to these creatures. It's astounding. Gerry Alanguilan has this take on a SIM Card that will make you think twice about using a cellular phone. Hahaha.

I specifically appreciate Summit Media pushing for local komiks. I had a discussion with Gerry Alanguilan about the problem of komiks here in the Philippines. Besides lack of awareness, he told me that distribution was one of the main challenges. I think that he's really the heart and soul of Filipino Komiks today and I really believe in his cause. We have so much talent and people should know about it! So thanks to Summit Media, they're addressing the distribution challenge.

Underpass should be available in your local book store. Look for the Summit Magazine stand! Underpass should be there!!! :) It sells for 175 bucks. Please do check it out!


anj said...

i'm glad underpass was an upgrade of the horror comics and true ghost comics of old.

i found some of the stories hit or miss. i think some of the writers do better longer novel types than short stories.

i enjoyed budjette tan's story, though i was half expecting trese and the twins to come out at some poing. haha!

i'm glad you are promoting local comics and reading in general. since you have a sizable following, young people can be convinced to support local literature. kudos!

vetVet189 said...

available na po ba dito sa davao?

t e i n said..., i think i've heard about that comic book somewhere on the radio, and i think its nice. :D