Monday, March 30, 2009


One of the Trades I really look forward to is Bendis' and Mike Oeming's POWERS.

It used to be Image but now it's under Marvel's ICON Imprint. So it's creator owned.

Vol. 12 - The 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes of All Time.

Bendis' forte is really with Crime Noir and he puts a Superhero Twist into it. This is my longest and biggest collection of trades. Y: The Last Man has 10 and Sandman has 10. But this is an ongoing and I love every single book. Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim makes it into my favorite comic book tandems of all time. It's kinda like a Mulder and Scully in a sense that "When will they ever friggin get together man???"

12 Volumes and there was just ONE HUG.

That's about it. But other than that, it's also pretty much delayed. The wait for every volume is pretty long but it's still worth it.

Bendis puts in Superhero elements from Marvel and DC and makes it into a crime story. There's this arc wherein the "Batman" molested his "Robin", A "Fantastic Four" like group went insane, the "Superman" wanted the world to end. It's awesome!!!

Hope this book continues...

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