Monday, April 2, 2012

Shirts for the Pinoy Geek! - ELECTROMAGNETIC TENTACLE

I think one of the most difficult things to do in life is to make people laugh. It takes a lot of wit and you need to be clever. You can't be corny whatsoever! One of the things you can't take away from Pinoys are the Humor Shirts. What's better for me is that when it has a really Geeky Twist!
There's a group of people who cater to these Filipino Geeks who crave for these humor tees! ELECTROMAGNETIC TENTACLE is the brand that will give you that geeky goodness with a Filipino Twist!
The first shirt that I found so cool, amusing, and entertaining at the same time was this shirt that had SPOCK from Star Trek in a Vulcanizing Shop! He was all dirty with tires and he was doing the "Live Long and Prosper" hand gesture! 

What else made me laugh? The Cobra Commander in a long dress with a rolling pin ready to pound! It was the Cobra “Kummander”! Ghost Rider in a Pedicab! Aquaman at a Fishball stand and talking to the fishballs! WITTY SHIRTS INDEED!
Electromagnetic Tentacle is consisted of people, sorry, geeks who work at ad agencies by day and T Shirt Designers after work!
Last Christmas, they had a shirt of Green Lantern holding a Parol!!! C’mon, is that genius or what? Other popular shirts consist of The Angry Birds being in a Sabong! Manny Pacquiao in 8-Bit Glory from the 80s game Punchout! . Iron Man's costume scattered in a kariton! But my personal favorite being the Spider-Man fan that I am is a shirt called Spiderfight. You know how Pinoys get a barbecue stick and let spiders fight on it? Well, they made a shirt with Spider-Man and Venom fighting and crawling in a barbecue stick!
Just recently they released new shirts which is already their 3rd line or also known as The 3rd Mutations! The line has the Angry Birds in a sabong which they say has gone through 3 reprints already! They have Lion-O as a street vendor, shouting “TaHOOOOOOOOO! “ and they have The Panday wielding the sword of Voltes V. 

November 19, they released The 4th Mutations at the KOMIKON at the Pasig Bayanihan Center. These featured Leonidas kicking with a slipper screaming “This is SPARTAN”, He-Man as a Shrimp called “He-Pon”, Galactus with barbecued planets, Spawn next to a Fork, Balisongs as Lightsabers which has a Jedi and Sith version, and the Beatles walking down Abbey Road with John Lennon turning back and saying “Yokona!” 

I’m certain that these guys have more shirts on the way. They already have a huge following among the Pinoy Geeks and they’ll only get stronger! Why don’t you get a friend a shirt? Electromagnetic Tentacle T-Shirts can be found online and you can visit their Facebook page by searching for Electromagnetic Tentacle or you can go straight to their website

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