Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Avengers - A Celebration of Geek Life

No SPOILERS here I promise :)

In 2008, MARVEL released Jon Favreau's masterpiece that was Iron Man. Robert Downyey Jr. made it back to stardom when he played Tony Stark. He was awesome! It was in Iron Man where the MARVEL Studios logo debuted. :)

I saw my cousin Miko when it showed April 30 if I'm not mistaken. I was told "hintayin mo bonus scene. basta." It was in that movie where I really geeked out when Nick Fury appeared and mentioned "The Avenger Initiative"

MARVEL just said that they were building something HUGE! It was a whole plan for a big crossover movie that has never been done before. Sadly, even if DC Comics could do it, they couldn't. They didn't see it coming. Being the Marvel Zombie that I am, I'm glad DC didn't do it. So anyway, the MARVEL then released in chronological order The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, THOR, and Captain America: The First Avenger. 

There were questions on who would direct the film and thank God it was JOSS WHEDON! He was the best choice!

Fast forward to April 25, 2012 and we got the greatest superhero movie of all time, MARVEL's The Avengers.

Jonty and I watch comic book movies together. It's a brotherly thing and I'm grateful that I have a really understanding girlfriend. Misha always lets us have our brotherly gimik.

MARVEL's The Avengers is probably THE MOST ANTICIPATED COMIC BOOK MOVIE of this century. The build up was great and I really tried to lower my expectations. It didn't work... BUT MAN DID IT DELIVER!!!

Having your brother next to you who's also a comic book geek is fantastic! 

The whole movie is a celebration of geek life! Earlier today, I talked to people at work who watched and we were giving ourselves High-Fives! Hahaha! It's just a fantastic movie filled with soooooooo many geek out moments!!! One would really cry in joy with what MARVEL showed. It's just f*#%in phenomenal!!! AMAZEBALLS!!! HOLY SHIT!!! COWABUNGA!!! Seriously, when do guys do that? In basketball games? Not in movies! This was a first for me! Everyone was just really really happy! 

There were kids in the showing last night and surprisingly none of them were annoying like "Who's that Daddy?" There were no side comments in my showing too! There was just respect for the fellow geek!

The movie does NOT disappoint!!!

If you're the type who says "Nah, I'll wait till it dies down...". SHAME ON YOU. This movie is just super super awesome!!!

I'm still on an Avengers high!!!

Yes, I stood at THE ACTUAL HELLICARRIER set piece. This was in San Diego last year :) Hahaha! :P

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