Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"The MILLA in Manila" - You will need to be in a priority lane!

If you still haven't heard, SHAME ON YOU! As in SHAME. ON. YOU!

Mark Millar, writer of The Ultimates, The Authority, Superman: Red Son and the awesome KICK-ASS, CHOSEN, SUPERIOR, and WANTED is frikkin coming to Manila!!!

MARK. FREAKING. MILLAR!!! How cool is that? Ok, why is he coming here? Today, March 21 is the release of Supercrooks! It's his latest Millarworld book together with our very own Leinil Yu. A few weeks ago, he had a WIN MILLAR contest. The retailer who places the biggest order of SUPERCROOKS #1 will win Mark to sign anywhere in the world. Guess what. The BIGGEST Book Store in the Philippines won beating New York and London! NATIONAL BOOK STORE won Mark Millar! Mr. Millar himself is calling it The Milla in Manila!

Expect the fanboys and fangirls to be in the thousands! How do you get to meet him first? Easy! That's why I'm here!

First 150 to reserve a copy of Mark Millar's Supercrooks #1 in any National Book Store branch starting March 21, will get a Priority Signing Pass upon purchase which allows you to be the first in line to have your Supercrooks #1 signed by Mark Millar during his Manila signing. 

Supercrooks #1 will be available for Php 150. National Book Store will email you when your copy is ready for pick up. Reserve your copies now because quantities are limited!

Millar fans, DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!!! 

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