Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Decisions Decisions

It's that time of the year again. It's graduation season. I remember that feeling of uncertainty after school. What would happen next? What's life after school? Do you rest or do you hit the ground running?

I'll tell you what happened 5 years ago. I was both happy and sad finishing school. Happy that I didn't have any more tests or projects but I was sad leaving the school I was in for 16 years. I was sad about not being able to see most of the people on a daily basis. I would miss my friends plus that feeling of no pressure. I was about to enter the real world. 

My Lola was still alive back then and believe it or not, apart from my parents, she really pushed me to go find work right away. There was no time to wait or rest. You need to stay ahead of the pack. I was pressured. I graduated March and I was at work by May. I only had a couple of weeks rest but looking back, I'm very thankful for my Lola and parents pressuring me. I'm happily still working with the company I started in almost 5 years ago. 

To those who are about to graduate, take it from me. Hit the ground running. Stay ahead of the pack. Laziness is not an option. Work is a lot different from school but you actually still learn and become a better person. Congratulations and welcome to the real world. Keep on running...


angela nicole said...

aww. this post is very timely. I am a college senior and will be graduating this April. I am currently thinking of what to do after graduation. I'm weighing whether I should rest for a couple of months or get into the real thing once I get out of school. Thanks for sharing your experience and the advice your Lola gave you :) It did help! :D Keep going Jiggy!

randomly09 said...

Hi Jiggy. I can relate to your blog post because I am also a fresh graduate. Like you, I also want to hit the ground running ASAP. However, I feel that the offer is not something I am inclined to. Do I grab the offer and continue or should I wait further for the job that interests me? Thanks and more power to you!

Jiggy Cruz said...

Hey @randomly09

Is the job something you like or love to do? If not, don't take it. Do you have any interviews with the companies you like to be in?