Thursday, March 15, 2012

Be good to your eyes

I'm back! After a long hiatus! Really focused at work and I just need to get the ball rolling!

Anyway, I just want to share what makes me happy when I get home. One of the reasons I haven't been blogging or tweeting that much is because of what I see. The reason is HIGH DEFINITION!

I'm telling you, watching Television in HD is just GLORIOUS!!! Your eyes will love you forever!!!

Check this pic I took! I was watching BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III!

Now isn't that clear??? I took that with my iPhone!!!

You won't watch regular HBO anymore when you have HBO HD!!! It's just amazing! It's just sooooo clear!!! Sports, Movies, Sitcoms, Cartoons in high definition will blow your mind!!!

You can get more detail, more action with SKYcable HD!  With awesome picture quality, feel like you’re at ringside while watching your favorite sport, be in the wild with your favorite documentary programs, get blown away with crisp picture quality while viewing your favorite movies and be among the smiles and laughter with your favorite general entertainment programs. Only with SKY Cable HD!

Now, I have to share with you that you can save money at the same time get the high definition!!! SKY has a promo until April 30, 2012. The HD All-In Pack for Php 1,199 a month on top of your basic standard definition SKYcable plan and save up to Php 350.


HBO HD, HBO HITS HD, Fox Movies Premium HD, Fox Family Movies HD! NBA Premium, ASN HD, ESPN HD! Nat Geo HD, History HD, Discovery HD! Fox Crime HD, Fox HD, Star World HD, Cartoon Network HD!!! You'll never look at TV the same way again!!! SKY has the most HD channels you can't get anywhere else!!!


For more info, visit or call SKYcable’s customer service hotline at 02-3810000 (Metro Manila, CAMANAVA and Rizal), 046-4844701 (Cavite), 02-5208560 (San Pedro, Laguna) and 044-6935877 (Bulacan), 032-3452278 (Cebu) and 082-3055456 (Davao). 

If you're a current SKY Cable subscriber like me, you get a 15 day trial!!! HD guys. HIGH, FRIKKIN, DEFINITION!!!

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