Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Go Azkals!!!

We are a Basketball Nation. It's a reality that it's extremely popular here in the Philippines. But the past 2 months have been different. Ever since Studio 23 televised the games of the Philippine Football team, people have been clamoring about football. 

My Lola, being the big basketball fan that she was expressed that we need to be good at sports wherein we can compete with the world. I'm just sad now she didn't get to see the Azkals in action! She would've loved it! 

I think it's only a matter of time. It's already sweeping the nation! We had a big game in Bacolod earlier tonight! 2-0 against Mongolia! Plus with the way the girls are raving about the players? Wala na to! Kaya na!

Let's GO PHILIPPINE FOOTBALL! I'm here to support it! :)


pure opinions said...

Azkals is another reason why we were proud to be Pinoy. :)

pure opinions said...

azkals gave us another reason to be a proud Filipino citizen :)

Nikki Lazatin said...

I hope the sport picks up soon here in the Philippines. It used to be my primary sport way back in my Prep to Grade 2 years.