Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Generation Gap

At work, some of the younger ones didn't grow up with some of the icons of yesteryear. I was surprised that people born in 1988 aren't even familiar with the greatest robot of all time...

I still try to live with the happy memories of my childhood and I thought I'd share with you what I acquired last week. I mentioned in my tweet that after 20+ years, I finally have Voltes V in my possession. Kids, it's not Voltes Vee ok? It's Voltes FIVE.

 (image courtesy of

Who was Voltes V you ask? Even before the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit Philippine Television, there was a team consisted of 5 members who piloted 5 vehicles to form the greatest robot of all time, Voltes V! The Megazord has NOTHING on Voltes V. Believe me. 


Seen above is a screen cap of the Voltes Team. Clockwise from top, Steve, Big Bert and Little John Armstrong (They're Brothers), Jamie Robinson, and Mark Gordon. 

Why am I writing this post? As I said in previous blogs, cartoons when I was younger were way better. If you can find a copy of the DVDs of Voltes V, I STRONGLY URGE that you watch the entire series. Instead of watching the TV series of today, go watch this. You wont regret it! The story is frikkin awesome. Even if it's Japanese, it doesn't get any more Pinoy than this! Hahaha! Voltes V is more Pinoy than Japanese. Heck, I talked to Japanese people from work and they have no clue who Voltes V is... It's sad actually...

Here are some screen shots of Voltes V in action. Clockwise from top left, Voltes V posing after the transformation, Using the Electromagnetic Tops, the Voltes Bazooka, and LASER SWORD!

Bridge the gap people! Watch this cartoon!!! Trust me :)


RoSe said...

I love Voltes V! One of my favorite cartoons of all time. The ending never fails to bring a tear to my eyes.

Erwin said...

I do remember. And even if sounds a bit silly, I know a lot of kids who grew up with a hate for Marcos just because his government had it put off the air. It's silly, I know. But I can prove it.

That was how they first became conscious that we under a dictatorship.

RiaRamona said...

They showed this on TV for the nineties kids. I don't think they finished the series, though.

... so I'm not sure if Jane ended up with the guy in the red uniform or the one in the blue uniform.

... and I still wonder kung aling paa sumasama si Jane kapag "Let's volt in."

RiaRamona said...

Este, Jamie... I think I was typing "Jane."

preciosa said...

Hello there, have you seen this?
(Voltes V Opening theme- Live)