Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The road ahead...

Before I blog about this entry, I just have to say that if a day starts bad, it'll be really bad... sigh... today was pretty hard again. I came home with no one home yet. I heated some left overs and I eat in front of the TV. Seconds after I turn the TV on, the signal goes away...

I opted in reading the newspaper instead. At least Tito Noy is finally proclaimed. :)

First and foremost, I would like to thank EVERYONE who helped in the campaign of Tito Noy. Especially to all the VOLUNTEERS!!! I need to send a special shout out to my Yo!Noy family! It was an honor to have worked with you guys! It doesn't end! Thank you to Migs and Nica of Analog Soul for supporting Yo!Noy. :)

I need to send a special message to the volunteers because they gave everything for the love of country and for change. No amount of thanks will be enough. Our family is indebted to your sacrifice.

Receiving a lot of congratulations on twitter and on the blog is just so overwhelming. Seriously, nakakataba ng puso ang supporta ninyo sa pamilya ko. I'm sorry I can't respond to all.

Much is expected from this new government. I have to admit that I know very little on how the government works. Sure I maybe more knowledgeable on certain things but I'm no expert. A lot of people will expect things to turn around right away. But I'd like to ask for your help in communicating something. A huge part of Tito Noy's campaign says that one man cannot do it alone. It was not about false promises or anything like that. "Kayo ang aking lakas". I believe we all have to remember this. As citizens, we are not here to just sit down and wait for change to happen. It also begins with us. We need to realize that we need to be THAT change. We need to be good citizens helping each other and praying for one another.

The first 100 days will be crucial. We need to help out the new government! What can we do? I suggest we can all start by being punctual. Let's be on time! Let's keep our promises. :) If we say we'll meet at 2:00pm, let's be there at 1:55 and not at 2:55. :)

I know this blog caters to the youth and to parents. To the youth, be good students, work and study hard. Respect your teachers, treasure your friends. To the parents, maybe we can tell the kids about what they don't know about history. We need to be reminded of the dark days of Martial Law in order to understand the present and to not take things for granted. For everyone, let's be God-fearing. Prayer power helps! We need to pray. Lola always stressed that and she was right!

I don't mean to preach but I just have to say that we need to do our part. If you believed in Tito Noy's campaign, then let's be that change for the betterment of our nation! :) I will be here with everyone else. You can count on me and my family to be good model citizens. :)

We're all in this together! Walang iwanan!

Laban na tapat, laban ng lahat.


iam_annecy said...

Congratulations to your Tito Noy (President Aquino to us rest of PiNoys).

and thank you for thanking the volunteers. and i'm proud to say i'm one of them!

the Philippines doesn't only belong to Noynoy nor he is the only citizen in the's true that we should all work hand in hand now. the success and the greatness of a country does not lie in one man alone...

Anonymous said...

Congrats! na-proclaim na at last si Tito Noy mo. Cheers!

Gellianne said...

That is very true. The President is there to lead and to be a magician to make everything right at once. We all have to work hard for it.
The being punctual thing, very simple yet everyone is guilty of that. Remember that time is gold so wasted time means wasted opportunity.

JP Anonuevo said...

Congratulations to President Elect Noy and VP Jojo.

Jiggy, I must say that with the thunderous applause yesterday at the Batasang Pambansa, we can sincerely say that the spelling of the most beloved last name in the Philippines is A-Q-U-I-N-O.

Yes, a lot is expected. But I agree with you when you said that the future of the country does not rest on Noy's hand. It rests on each and everyone of us. It is through our mandate that Noy was elected to the presidency. Now, let us use the same mandate to work together to create a better Philippines...something that not only Ninoy or Cory will be proud of, but something that every it now, or those who will be born,...could say with pride that we are Filipinos and we are PROUD to wave our flag everywhere.

Today is the start of the change that we need to do.

Helvie said...

Congratulations to your family!!!
being a volunteer gave us the opportunity to be involved for the betterment of our country..we put our trust to Pres.Noy,we know that he possesses what it takes to be an excellent leader...Rest assured that we will continue to support and to pray for him and for the entire Aquino family..
Thank you for believing that The Filipino is worth dying for.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jiggy. Please check my blog:

RICARDO said...

your parents raised you well mr jiggy cruz, may pagmamahal sa bayan at may takot sa Diyos. makakaasa ang tito noy mo sa suporta ng milyon-milyong pilipino!

mayah said...

kuya jiggy.. congratzz po sa tito noy mo..


tama ka sa sinabi mo na dapat na tayong maging punctual sa oras natin..

at magiging asessado lng ang bansa natin kung tayo ay magtutulungan sa isa't-isa.

Jerick said...

i'm reminded of peter parker's famous line that says "with great power comes great responsibility."

i think all of us filipinos will be confident that your entire family will not do anything stupid that would taint the legacy of your grandparents especially now that another member of your family heads our country.

Anonymous said...

..CONGRATULATIONS!! :D I know and everybody knows, how your Tito Noy deserves the position. Sabi ng dad ko one night nung nanonood kami ng news, "TADHANA NA NG MGA AQUINO TO BE THE PRESIDENT".
..Can't wait for the Aquino administration. WEW!! God Bless po to your family and the whole Aquinos. :D