Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The First Day High or First Day Blues

There are certain types of people when it's the first day of school. There are those who hate going to school, here are those who are indifferent, and there are those who are just psyched about the first day of school.

I was all of those as a student. Being young, around 7 or 8, you can't help but love the summer vacation. You transition from half-day to whole day so the adjustment can make or break it. Towards the pre-teen days, I was just meh... I wasn't sad and I wasn't all too happy.

But as soon as high school came, going to school wasn't all too bad. I was having fun! I was making myself busy and I was "growing up". You see, staying in an all-boys school can turn you into one torpe young man. I hate to admit it but yeah, for a time. I wasn't really good at talking to girls... How do you overcome it? You just need that dose of confidence!

College was a different story. I kept looking forward to the first day of school. Whether it be during the summer school, the start of a new sem or the start of a whole new school year. My dad says that I'm a rare breed. I was a guy who loved going to school. I guess I was blessed to have an excellent set of friends and I liked the people around me. I liked meeting new people too!

There are some people who think different of me because of my family background. They feel intimidated. But all of them thought wrong. I'm really easy to get along with. :) I smile a lot and I'm very approachable. My friends can confirm that.

So if you're the type of person  who hates going to school, fret not. Things will be better. You only get the first day of school in school! After that, work is different. It's not the same anymore. Sure you meet new people but not as much as the people in school.

I envy the students, they have so much more to experience and discover!

To the ones entering college, get ready for the best years of your life! You have to work hard and study hard though. Believe me, maintaining good grades and having fun at the same time is the best!

Happy new school year to the students! To the working people, all we can do is look back at the happy memories and pass on our knowledge to the next generation...


kimwee said...

thanks for the encouragement. i hope i have the same passion as you have for school. God bless. enjoy what life may bring.

petitay said...

i miss does days.. :)

Anonymous said...

how I miss school too! Hate the feeling of going to bookstore to shop for your siblings supplies but not getting any new notebooks for myself.)=

Anonymous said...

how I miss school too! hate the feeling that I shop for my siblings supplies but not getting any new notebook for myself.)=

Anonymous said...

..right :D. I also love going to school. I never felt afraid or bored to go to school EVER in my life. I dunno? It's like 'pag asa school kasi I get so busy talaga, which is what I really like to be :D, tapos you get to meet a lot of people pa? which is super saya and interesting.
..To share something, every first day ko po sa school, i always have a unique feeling. It's an unexplainable feeing, mixed na kaba, saya, excitement na nakakatawa pero nakakaiyak? ganun. The first time i had that feeling was nung first day ko sa grade 1. Since then, every first day ko sa school, i have that same feeling na palagi. EEE :D
..Thanks for sharing and reading po Kuya Jiggy. GB.

danie mell said...

school is really cool. doing well in school makes every student one step closer to their dreams & aspirations.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank you for granting my 'wish' about this topic! Co0L!.