Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hoping for Banner 18...

Next to the Ateneo Blue Eagles, I'm a die-hard Boston Celtics fan!!! I know my alliance in colors change and all in the NBA but I've always been a Boston fan.

It's because my Mom lived in Boston together with my grandparents and her siblings. They were political refugees from 1980-1983. And it was the happiest years of their lives. She was the one who brainwashed me about the C's. She told me all about Larry Bird and the legendary Celtics of the 80's. I also find out how rich the heritage of the Celtics is. They have 17 titles and they didn't live in glamour like the ones out west... They were the hardworkers who were taught my Red Auerbach.

With Game 5 tomorrow at the "gah-den", I can't help but write about my team.

Above is the 2008 Championship shirt! We just had to get a piece of it! 2008 was such a happy year for us Boston fans! It's special to me because I watched the Playoffs together with my Lola. We were really happy about Banner 17. It was a remarkable year!

This is the 16-title shirt. If you can see the Celts won 8 straight titles. Yes, 8 STRAIGHT!!! From 1959-1966 they won! Then 68 and 69. Larry Bird had 3 which was 81, 84, and 86. I was already born 1986 so that was my first Boston Championship!

The last 2 shirts are very very old t-shirts as you can see... They're antique shirts from the 80's and I kept them :) So as you can see, I'm not part of the bandwagon when the new Big Three were born. I'm a legit Celts fan through and through! When my older cousins would ask who my team was, it was always the Celtics! Even during the dark ages... I stood with my team :)

I am really hoping and praying that KG, Ray-Ray, Rondo, and The Truth can get a hold of their 2nd ring! Banner 18 please!


The Great Oracle said...

I'm a big Celtics fan too...I hope they bag the championship cup this coming game 6... =)

Ceeyannah21 said...

kuya jiggy, hello po..

tanong ko lang po kung busy kayo sa august 15?? kasi po may run for humanity ang red cross pasay chapter tanong ko lang po baka po pwede kayong sumali. 3k, 5k, tsaka 10k po, 4 am po yung assembly time. Along MOA po. sana po makasali kayo hehe, kung di po kayo pwede ok lang din po.

t e i n said...

..COOOOOLLL!!! those shirts were nice kuya!! PARMIS!!! :D sad nga lang 'di sila nanalo nung game 7. :c Until now, di pa din po ako makaget-over? HUHU.