Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas Card Picture

Last year, we had this Christmas Card made. My Lola sent it to her friends and my mom and my other titas used it as the card for the Christmas gifts. A simple digicam was used a year ago.

But this year, my Tita Kris wanted it different. She was doing a photoshoot one day and she asked the photographer if the family can join in. So it was in the studio of Jun de Leon. He's a great photographer by the way. Really good at his job!

The shoot was color coded. Since my Mom let all her siblings choose ahead, all the good colors were picked already so my family ended up with plain old white. My Lola and Tito Noy got yellow. The Abelladas got blue, Dees got green, Yaps got red. I wanted to be either blue or red but that's life... But the picture came out nicely. It's a great shot of the family! Everyone looks happy :)

So this pic will come out in this month's K Mag. Check it out!

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