Sunday, November 9, 2008

Collecting Comics

I went to Druid's Keep in Magallanes last Saturday for the store's 4th year anniversary. Felix Cua built the shop 4 years back and there's still a loyal fan base.

My brother and I remain loyal to the Keep. Though I try to go there weekly, it's pretty tough. The place is a bit far from the house. But nonetheless, Druid's Keep will always be the comic shop of the Cruz Bros.

Had chats with all sorts of Fanboys there. But it was real nice to see the 2 coolest Pinoy artists, Carlo and Harvey. It's a real pleasure to see the 2 guys who helped me get my project going. Carlo's working on Agents of Atlas while Harvey's doing Avengers: The Initiative #19. Harvey said he put another Ninoy cameo. Hahaha.

Comic Collecting has been my passion for the longest time. My collection is growing weekly!!! What can I say? I love the hobby. Unlike toys, you get to read comics plus you get to learn some new things as well. And hey, it's still reading!

I remain to be a Marvelite/ Marvel Zombie. I get to read the Image and Vertigo here and there. But The House of Ideas just takes the cake! Marvel will always be THE premiere publisher in my opinion. The character base is the best!!!

Collecting Comics is an expensive hobby but to those who wish to start, you gotta choose. It's either you read for the sake of reading or you read + invest.

For the sake of reading, you can read the collected graphic novels. Value won't appreciate though. TPB's or Trade Paperbacks are for catching up.

If you wanna read + invest, get singles!!! I love the feeling you get in the last page of the comic book. To be continued!!! Arrrgh! What a feeling!!!

Anyway, I'm just rambling...

But if you do want to collect, check out Druid's Keep located at the 3rd floor of Gateway Center in Paseo de Magallanes.

Or, you can check out Comic Odyssey. Galleria, Ermita, or Cybermall.

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