Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughts on The Umbrella Academy

There were a few comics in recent months that got me hooked so bad.

There's The Immortal Iron Fist (But sadly, Brubaker and Fraction aren't writing anymore)

and then there's Dark Horse Comics' The Umbrella Academy.

I've recommended it to a few people already but they just can't seem to dig it. It's The X-Men meets The Royal Tenenbaums. It's just frakking awesome! Gerard Way wrote as if there's already a back story to it but there actually is none. It took him 6 issues. Just 6. He's already got an Eisner for Best Limited Series. Yes, IT'S THAT DAMN GOOD.

I've bought a 9.8 CGC of The Retailer Variant. I cannot wait for it to arrive.

Anyway, today, I got this MySpace Dark Horse Collection. There's a story on TUA. I'll read it tonight. Then there's the Umbrella Academy Umbrellas! SO F'N COOL... I want to get one!

Oh well... That's it for today. I had a rough day.

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