Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Being a Merchandiser for a Supermarket

Today was the start of my 3 day Merchandising Stint in Robinsons Supermarket in Metro East.

It's not an easy job. I salute all the men and women working in the supermarkets, groceries, hypermarkets, etc. It's a friggin hard job man. My legs are killing me right now. I don't know how those guys find the energy to work like that. It's physically challenging!

Today made me appreciate the merchandisers more. A lot more!

I really gotta give it to them. They do suggestive selling and they get to interact with consumers every single day. Our company owes a lot to the hardworking men and women of ACE and SPARK.

I was in the 10-7pm Shift today. Tomorrow, I'll be at the 6-3pm. On Friday, 1-10pm.

3 day sale pa naman sa Robinsons Metro East sa Friday... Uh-oh.

In other news, the remaining books of Ninoy: Art and Essays arrived! 600 pieces.

The con of launching a book, you gotta sign a lot of them when people request. It's the least you can do for the support they give.

It's kinda weird doing autographs. I'm not worthy!!! But hey, it's pretty cool!

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