Monday, August 13, 2012


I was a LEGO kid. I remember getting them at Gift Gate. It was my Dad who'd help me build the sets. I remember having the Pirate Ships and Castles. I'd fix the minifigures and leave the rest to him. As time passed, I'd get the generic sets. It was just bricks. That's when I got to really imagine new things. LEGO taught me creativity and I think no other toy can do that for you.

What's cool about LEGO is that it's a way for parents and children to bond and play together too. Besides board games and catch, I don't think any other toy is as emotional as LEGO.

I got inspired to write about LEGO because of a video I watched. It's all about the LEGO story and it's really inspiring to learn how the company started. 

Today, LEGO has been diversifying their range with products like NINJAGO. But what really interests me now are the STAR WARS line, LORD OF THE RINGS line, and most especially the MARVEL and DC Super Heroes line. Collectors of all ages are still buying and playing with LEGO. Believe it or not, some Dads give it as an excuse to the Moms that the sets are for the kids, but in reality, it's for them!

I've been collecting the minifigures and I have a few sets now and I've built a couple. It's nostalgic. What I appreciate now is that the sets are divided into numbered bags. Now, you can first start with Bag #1 which contains the foundation of the set. I remember that it sucked finding the little pieces and you end up not finding it and then it appears for some strange reason. The numbered bags was a great consumer insight! Good job LEGO!

Now, I'm really into the superhero line. I got this hard to find Spider-Man keychain online and a Batman at the LEGO booth from Comic-Con. Where can you find these? For the Spidey, sorry, they're super difficult to find. I talked to a die hard LEGO Collector and he said that Spidey is a diamond in the rough!

But talking about exclusivity, the awesome CB Cebulski of MARVEL gave this to me at Comic-Con. This is extremely limited to 1000 pieces. No way I'm selling it! But it's crazy really, this bad boy is going for $150 on eBay! Can you imagine? For a minifigure? But I'm holding on to it since I'm a Spidey fan plus CB gave it to me. 

On a more serious note, I'm thankful I have like a 5 moms who read my blog. :) So if you want your child to get more creative and be more imaginative, give them LEGO. You won't regret it. You'll make your child super happy. Just be prepared to build it with them.

If you like to buy LEGO here in the Philippines, you can easily get them in Build City (I know they have branches in Power Plant, Shangri-La, and Greenbelt 5) or in Hobbes and Landes.

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