Thursday, May 31, 2012

CUE: Modern Barbecue

Here I am trying out new things again. I went to CUE: MODERN BARBECUE at the new wing of Bonifacio High Street and all I can say that this is your "cue" to try it out. If you're a meat eater, head on to Cue AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

What should you order? Here's a portion of the menu for you to see. There are loads of choices! The appetizers are already to die for! 

While you're waiting or still checking out the menu, you get POPCORN! It has a special Barbecue powder that's tangy and a bit spicy which is excellent.

Now here are my recommendations. I'm not a food expert. I'm not a food blogger but just trust me on this one because it is just superb! The CUE Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos. They're to die for! It's very indulgent but it's just the best taco I've ever tasted my entire life. I'm sorry but it's true. Ubod nang sarap talaga ng tacos na to!

It has other fillings you can put like corn and this special pesto/herby type sauce that's just excellent! 

If there's one thing you'll order, it's gotta be the steak tacos!

The House Burger with Sweet Potato Fries! In all honesty, this CUE House Burger can give the other popular burgers in the Philippines a run for its money. Why? The cheese and special sauce inside was AMAZING. No need for ketchup... This House Burger gets it DONE!

The Sweet Potato Fries... KAMOTE FRIES! C'mon, let's be real. The Kamote fries are actually pretty tasty too! It has balanced saltiness and sweetness that's really a great marriage inside the mouth. You know how you don't finish your fries at times? Well.. You'll finish these for sure.

My other recommendations.

BEEF BELLY. Cue's version of the Beef Belly is quite nice when it comes to the blend of flavors. It's just right! It's extremely indulgent so this is best shared with friends. This also comes with Horse Radish on the side.

The Chili Monggo. CUE has a twist to the Chili! We usually have chili with the normal beans right? This one I'll recommend to those who like it really spicy. I'll be honest that I only took one spoon of this because I couldn't handle the spice. But hey, it was a good twist!

So there. Now you know where to eat this weekend! :) Cue: Modern Barbecue is on the lower level of the building across Kabisera in Bonifacio High Street.

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