Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Over the past few days I've been seeing a lot of links about Tulong Dunong. This got me thinking...

I graduated from Ateneo de Manila High School in 2003. I was a TD Kuya in H. Bautista Elementary School in Marikina. I was in the English Track and I tutored the advanced students. They were a joy to teach!

But this post goes to all the undergrad students of Ateneo High. 

To the current Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen of Ateneo High, I'm telling you, Tulong Dunong is the best, if not, one of the best things you'll experience in High School. It's a big responsibility! But remember that this something unique in Jesuit Education. This is what being a man-for-others is all about. Sure cliche na kung cliche. But believe me, seeing the MTV above reminded me that even after graduating, you're still a Kuya. We will always be Kuyas to our less fortunate brothers and sisters and it's up to us to help.

You will do a lot of lesson plans. A LOT! But do it with heart and you'll be ok. :) My class was special. We were under Miss De Guia and Mr. Brazal. Sir Brazal was the guy who checked my lesson plans and hindi sa pagyayabang, I got all As :) Like I said, you're a Kuya and you have to do it with heart. Think of the kids. They really look up to the TD Kuyas. Believe me... If there's one thing I want you to pick up from this, during senior year, take your lesson plans seriously. Don't cram it guys :( We want the kids to be better at school... Just take it seriously and you'll do well :)

Below is a message from my TD Teacher Miss Meng De Guia... 

Fr. James O'Brien, SJ never intended Tulong-Dunong to be a high profile program --never wanted TD to be advertised. All these years, the program relied on God's providence without the aid of media. Times have changed though and the funds to support our scholars have dwindled. But the spirit of TD -- to promote HUMAN DVELOPMENT (as Fr. OB used to say, "to let each become what he is capable of being and becoming") and to get our people out of poverty still lives. This video is meant to RECONNECT with all those whose lives had been touched by the TD Program and to hopefully ENCOURAGE them to once again be these promising kids' kuyas/ates. To find out more and to help, here's how: log on to www.tulongdunong.org. Thank you friends!

If you're a student from Ateneo High, drop me a note if you have any questions or if you need any tips! I'd be glad to help :) If you were a student in H Bautista Elementary School, drop a message too! :)

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