Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So far so good, my vacation's going well!

It's been 4 years since my last "vacation". It was before I started working. I went to New York with Jonty. Now, I'm here in Los Angeles and I'm driving to San Diego in a couple of hours to live my dream of attending the Comic-Con International.

I arrived a couple of hours ago and I did all the necessary shopping essentials. (Water, snacks) I'll need the water for Comic-Con!

FREE INTERNET in the room!!! Huzzah!!!

But here's the thing, a few days ago, I entered a contest on Twitter. It was for the premiere of Captain America! (Chris Evans will make a special appearance in the theater!) Guess what, I WON!!!

I can bring an extra person along so I'm going to watch with my brother! GEEKS FOR LIFE!

So far so good, this vacation's pretty awesome and Comic Con hasn't even started yet!

I'll try to update you guys again but it seems Twitter will be the best option.


rontan said...

so happy for you bro! SDCC indeed is the ultimate heaven for geeks like us! enjoy and GOD bless! :D

fishda chronicler said...

wow! congrats Jiggy! We're kind of batch mates when it comes to working. I also started my career way back 2007 and it's been four years! time flies so fast! I can really relate in your blogs, we're the 1985 generation! :) I'm dreaming of having my vacation out of the country too. Well, enjoy your vacation there! :)

xylenpepito said...

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