Tuesday, March 29, 2011

50 Movies in 2011

Some people have different goals during the start of the year.   Whether it be losing weight, reading more books, writing more. Etc.

I have to maintain work-life balance and what I set is 50 movies in 2011. HBO movies don't count unless it's a TV movie . So far I've seen 9 movies... I'm on track. Kaya pa naman. The summer movies are coming so I should be fine. Some people set it to 100. I can't do that. 2 movies a week is hard.

Anyhoo... This is what I've seen so far. Green Hornet is the movie of 2011 so far...

The Tourist
Little Fockers
Gullivers Travels
Green Hornet
Just go with it
I am number four
The Adjustment Bureau
Catch me... I'm in love
Sucker Punch


Kira Permunian said...

Hey Jiggy, what a goal you for this year setting to watch 50 movies for this year. Make it 100! Oh sorry celebrities have busy life.. I haven't watch yet

The Adjustment Bureau
Catch me... I'm in love

and I am number four is awesome.. I kinda love its twist and 3D thing, but hate Sucker Punch, I didn't meet my expectations. Sucked!

Thanks for the great share Jiggy!
Yeah, I know celebrities will not respond their fans' comment. lol

Jiggy Cruz said...

Hey Kira! I don't consider myself a celebrity. Far far far from it. I'm a normal guy!

But thanks for commenting! I appreciate it!

iamtein said...

.. wow! this is great! i wonder pang.ilang movie ka na. :')