Monday, July 12, 2010

July na pala...

Man, I haven't had a dry spell that long. So here I am. I'm back! Did you miss me? :) Kidding aside, I have been having "me" time. I missed it. I missed it a lot."Me time" would include spending time with loved ones. But occassionally, I have my alone time.

I have missed so many things already. I have tons of comic book backlog. Seriously. I have yet to catch up on my Amazing Spider-Man... 38 issues and counting... Would you believe? I've caught up with most of my titles but Spidey has been in the waiting list... He'll understand.


What have I been doing? My relatives from the Cruz side who live in the US came to visit and we hung out. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, we get to keep in touch.  I was with them almost everyday so that took away some blogging time. But family first! 

Has my life changed since June 30? I'd say yes in a way. I think my glasses are a dead giveaway. I walk around the mall and there was this person who shouted "Jiggy!" I thought I knew the guy but it was a real estate agent I never met...  There are some lolas and moms who also say hi in which I say hello with a smile. I lost my private life I guess. When I'm out having dinner, people look... Sometimes it feels weird. When they stare, that's when it's weird! What I will miss... Well, I really can't go to the Greenhills tiangge and bargain right? Hahaha! Kidding. But seriously, I think it's privacy gone. Public Service comes with a price and we're in it for the long haul. Para sa bayan!

I've seen a couple of movies... Toy Story 3 was awesome! Eclipse was... Eclipse. 

What's interesting now is that I'll be joining the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge! check out I signed up on impulse so wish me luck!

I have some blog ideas and I feel that it's not proper to put in here so I'll be blogging it separately. But things have turned out to be exciting for me in the upcoming days ahead... I'll keep you posted!

See ya!


Gian Carlo said...

Finally you're back, it's been an eternity since your last post, anyways Toy story 3 was great, a real tearjerker at the end, but twilight was... well... eheeheee ^^

Anonymous said...'s been a while. :D Hope you're doing well. It's so nice that you got time for blogging, ALAS!
..the privacy vs. public thing? it's really a weird thing, I can say, but I think that's only the beginning. I just pray, sooner, you get used to it (though sinabi nyo nga po, that you're a very private type of person) GO! KERI 'YAN. :D
..saw your video report @ 24 oras, that was awesome. You did a great job, CONGRATS!
..and also, we saw you with your lil' bro Jonty during the Ateneo game last Sunday. MAAAAAAAN!! Tam's did so well, uggghhhhh :c what can you say? HM.
..thanks for reading this one, God Bless you always kuya Jiggy. :D

Moe said...

Eclipse was... Eclipse.

Oh Double G. You crack me up. C:

crookodebie said...

Hi Jiggy,
I've been following your blogs offline. I signed in to share this article address to your Tito Noy. Hope to help.

God Bless your family!