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So I made it back to San Diego and it was still awesome! Although I wish Jonty could have gone since it would have been more fun with him there. Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys some photos from my recent trip to Comic-Con 2012. Above you can see the MARVEL Booth which displayed the "Hall of Armor" from the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. My friend Gerard who was with me called it. When we were on the way there, he predicted that Marvel would display Tony Stark's armors. I think it's so cool that you can see Marks I-VII in the photo :)

Below are photos in chronological order :)

When you go to Comic-Con, prepare to WAIT IN LINE. Seriously, not for the non-fan. You will be bored. Falling in line in Comic-Con requires a certain type of passion. That's the only way you can be patient. For Preview Night, we got there at around 12:30 and we waited until 5:30. Not cool... But entering the halls of Comic-Con washes the pain away!

You'll never know who you'll run into so be sure not to be shy. I saw G4TV's Blair Butler (who also wrote a 4 issue limited series for Image called HEART) She happens to review comics for G4 also and she's a cool geek! I really like her comic book recommendations. 

Behind me is the side of the MARVEL Booth. They're displaying MARVEL NOW! (It's their relaunch this October. See Cyclops? His eyes are shaped like an X!

Crazy prices for comics right? But tell me, where can you get a 9.8 copy of X-Men 1 and a 9.6 of the 1st appearance of Iron Man? ONLY AT COMIC-CON!

With CHEW Artist Rob Guillory. He's a really nice guy! Can't wait for the Chew TV Series to come out! Rob was also interested in visiting the Philippines :)

I just had to have my photo taken with the SILVER SURFER! I saw this dude last year and he's awesome! SILVER PAINT YO!

This is Axel Alonso. He just happens to be the Editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics! :) Booyah! Tall guy too! I couldn't believe no one was talking to this man! Seriously... Axel's doing an amazing job. I told him I'd support MARVEL NOW all the way.

Forner WWE Champion JEFF HARDY!!! SWANTON BOMB!!! Aww yeah!!! 

Slave Leias reunion

This is Sergio Aragones. He writes and draws Groo. I'll put him in "One of the Nicest Guys" list. We actually talked about his visit to the Philippines a looooong time ago. He said he was great friends with the legendary Alfredo Alcala :)

Thought the X-Men and Tales of Suspense prices were crazy? These are even crazier. Behold, Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman graded at 5.5 and a copy of Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman graded at a super high grade of 6.5 for a golden age book! Yes, more than half a million each! Men in suits were behind this glass case and asked me if I wanted to hold it. Damn... drool... drool... drool...

My dream comic... AMAZING FANTASY #15

This year at Comic-Con, I attended more panels. I had to stay in 2 panels just to get in Marvel's Cup 'O Joe panel. It was worth it! Jeph Loeb was hilarious!

This is Olivier Coipel. He's a French superstar artist for Marvel and I love his art! Super love his art! 

They were displaying the Batmobiles outside Comic-Con so I decided to visit the exhibit and check out the badass Batman cars. Behind me you'll see Christian Bale's Tumbler and below you'll see my favorite Batmobile which was Michael Keaton's. Love the Keaton Batmobile. SUPER BADASS! That's THE Batmobile.

Badass right? 

Dinner with my Comic-Con friends! Next to me are Philip and Kristine Tan, Gerard Poa and Kristine's cousin Oliver. We hung out with them last year and this was a mini-reunion. Philip took us to this awesome seafood restaurant that served super awesome clams!

I met Anthony Bourdain! I met him at the DC Booth since he wrote a comic book called "Get Jiro" which was sold out in Comic-Con. I got his autograph on my notebook.

Presenting the debut of the Mark VIII from the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie! I'm not into the gold though... I think it's too much gold for my taste. We'll have to wait and see how cool it is.

Lucas Scott! Este, Chad Michael Murray. I was a fan of One Tree Hill when I was in college. I have to admit. Chad's promoting his comic book EVERLAST. I got Misha a copy with his autograph.

Also in attendance is SUPERSTAR Leinil Yu and LEGEND Alex Nino :) I think this picture is awesome! (Nil, feel free to get this pic :) )

RVD! Nuff said.

Do you guys watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel? :) This guy is awesome! Love watching him on that show! "TSOUKALICIOUS!" Hahaha!

With the coolest and nicest guy in MARVEL COMICS! I swear, this man is just way too awesome! CB CEBULSKI Ladies and Gentlemen. He brought me inside the Marvel Booth!

With the 2012 Eisner Award BEST WRITER! MARK WAID! 

Was I the droid he was looking for?

Guys, if you're planning to go to the 2013 Comic-Con, please feel free to ask me questions and I'd gladly give tips! All I can say is that Disneyland is NOT the happiest place on earth... It's the San Diego Comic-Con!

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Marye said...

Finally, a Comic Con post! Although I'm not a comic geek, I learn something new each day from you. Thanks! Plus you make it look so easy (coolness aside) having photos with comic celebs. Nice!

PS: I didn't recognize Lucas Scott!