Monday, December 27, 2010

Watch out for the RELAUNCH of THE TANGLED WEB!!!

Dear Reader of The Tangled Web,

How have you been? I've been very busy. I have a new assignment and it demands a lot of time. When I get home, I need to work on other things so that's why I've been busy. But I don't think that's an excuse. For that, allow me to take this opportunity to apologize. I will blog more next year. I promise. I'll try to match my 2009 entries if that's what it takes! You may have been looking at this on a daily basis with no update. For that, I'm sorry. 2010 was just way too tiring for me. Believe me. I couldn't get a break to be quite honest.

But here's something I want to tell you. 2011 will be BETTER! The Tangled Web will have more posts and what I plan on having is more engagement with the reader. How's that? :) I have some topics in store for 2011 but I need you to give me some topics too :) So suggest away! Before the year ends, I'll have my year ending entries. Just some points of reflection. :) That cool?

Anyway, I just want to thank you for being supportive of this blog. I really didn't expect to get a lot of readers here but I'm honored. I promise, I'll have a lot of things on the blog so don't go away!

For now, I gotta go, it's my Ninang's birthday today and we have a dinner. I gotta get ready :) Who's my Ninang you ask? It's Pinky :) She's like a 2nd mom to me. Do pray for her if you can.

Catcha later!



plsburydoughboy said...

It's time you got into cosplay. Just my two cents XD

Jerick said...

hmmmm, what kind of blog topics? i guess topics that will show the real you.


Lhai Cruz said...

wow. you are missed. :) Just keep your promise to blog more often pero kung di kaya, im sure your readers would understand! Merry Christmas!

smariege said...

Well Jiggy, when you get some time off... have a break, have a kit kat. LOL. :) Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

.. it's good to be back! ;D anw,the new blog skin's cool! gray, it's simple and neat. :D
.. we understand how busy your life is, so it's fine. In fact, it's better you take time to have some break than to write stuff when you're not in that mood to do so. FEEL FREE! it's your blog any way! HAHA. :D
.. i'm excited for your interactions with us, readers. BLESS YOU MORE kuya Jiggy. HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR. :D