Monday, September 8, 2008

Looking back at my Coffee Stint

April 8 to August 8, 2008.

I had my Marketing Stint in Coffee, under Nescafé Classic. It was probably my most challenging stint. My first stint in General Trade was like the adapting phase and immersing myself in the urban areas. My second stint was the analyzing part of my training. It was a pure desk job analyzing charts and numerical data. Marketing let me see the company some more. I got to meet a lot of people and I got to handle a New Product Launch. It doesn't come every stint and I was very fortunate to have experienced that.

Probably the best part of the stint was working for a great boss. She's probably the most sincere, humble and genuine person there in Nestlé. She taught me a lot. I was given independence but also given guidance from time to time. I felt that it was the part wherein I grew professionally as a person.

I had a lot of good experiences in the 4 months. Interacting with the main bosses gave me good exposure and training to be more confident. High Risk, High Return also went into play but I don't wanna get into the details.

What makes me happy is the people that surrounds me in the work place. If the work is hard but the people that keeps you sane are there, then it's all good. I was surrounded by dedicated men and women. It was a blessing that I was put there because I learned so much.

From time to time, I drop by and say hey to the people in the Coffee Business Unit. I miss the work there but the life of a trainee is adapting to change. It's hard at times. If you're the type of person who values relationships, it'll be hard. Time is what you need.

I feel like I have adjusted already. It's not like I left or anything but the world I live in is much different. The transition has been good so far.

Right now, I'm back with Sales and I'm also thankful that the people there are also fun to be with. Sales and Marketing are different worlds but hey, at least I get the best of both.

Time flies so fast. Today is September 8... What a coincidence...

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